ICEVIVAL ice maker 100lbs

ice maker 100lbs
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The ICEVIVAL Ice Maker is a robust and high-capacity machine that's engineered to meet your large-scale ice production needs. With its clean white aesthetic, it effortlessly complements various kitchen and bar interiors, making it an excellent choice for restaurants, bars, large gatherings, or any setting that requires a substantial amount of ice.

This powerhouse ice maker has an impressive 100-pound ice-making capacity within 24 hours, guaranteeing you'll never run short of ice for your business operations or events. It is designed for speed and efficiency, capable of producing a batch of ice in just a matter of minutes.

Ease of use is a hallmark of the ICEVIVAL Ice Maker — it features a user-friendly control panel with LED indicators, allowing you to adjust settings as needed. Choose between different ice sizes for versatility in use, from chilling beverages to packing seafood or desserts.

One of its notable features is the large see-through window that lets you monitor ice levels without having to open the lid, maximizing efficiency and convenience. The ice maker is also equipped with a removable ice basket and an ice scoop for easy ice collection and cleaning.